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*** Earth * Air * Fire * Water ***


*** Earth * Air * Fire * Water ***
*** Earth * Air * Fire * Water ***
*** Earth * Air * Fire * Water ***
*** Earth * Air * Fire * Water ***

*** Earth * Air * Fire * Water ***


This bracelet was inspired by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, who beautifully describes how we can draw inspiration from nature when reaching a higher level of wisdom:



The energy of earth is grounded, planted, rooted and firm. It’s infinitely generous, it gives rise to and nurtures all forms of life indiscriminately. It allows all beings, spirits to have a place on this earth. Can we stay grounded? Can we stay planted? Can we hold a space and be a container for our children’s various moods and spirits?

When we’re willing to be a container for our children’s emotions, we’re telling them we will not break from them. We need to stand solid, welcoming, embracing and life-giving as the earth. We look to the element of earth when we need to be grounded, calm and nurturing and being a container for child’s feelings



Air is the space all around us and between everything. Space in essence exudes this lightness and expansiveness of being. The symbol of spaciousness invites us to consider whether we allow our children their own inner and outer spaciousness.

Do we give them space and the right to explore, fumble & stumble?  Do we allow them the full breath and expansiveness of time and space to develop at their own pace? When we breathe space into our own lives and honor the air in the room, and see the beauty of the stillness in the air around us, then we are inspired as parents to be that element for our children.

Just by allowing inner space within our own being, we automatically and energetically exude that permission to our children



Fire is quick acting and destructive. Fire can bring a force of energy. It can push through the status quo and ignite change. We too can ignite inspiration and change within us, and we don’t need to stick to the status quo.

Though fire can be destructive, fire is also warming, inviting, and life giving. It is that beacon of light in our moments of darkness. To create the new, sometimes we need to destroy the old. Every moment with our children is an opportunity to let go and disrupt old patterns but also to create the new. Anytime we are mired by guilt and shame, if we’re inspired by the element fire, we can quickly ignite change in our lives.



Water symbolizes the ability to flow, to flow with the stream of life. The concept of flow is the most essential concept of wisdom and consciousness. Flowing with the steam of life just like water flows down a stream, and when we learn to maneuver the rocks of life without getting stuck by them, without seeing them as obstacles, but learning to flow around them, then we really master the art of conscious living.

Water always gets attracted to the path of least resistance, it never goes against resistance and gets stuck. Water always finds a way to carve a new path. This is what conscious parenting is about: never going against the resistance of the child, but always looking for the path of the greatest flow.

Water inspires the question of "how can I flow with my child, rather than break down their resistance."



May this Oath Bracelet remind you that by connecting with the elements of nature, we’re learning to balance our energies out. And that we can learn to present ourselves in a way to our children that can maximize their capacity as beings of earth.