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Our Story


SONTAKEY’s story began in Los Angeles, California between me (Shveta) and my sister-in-law (Rati). We are passionate about holistic living & motherhood, and decided to launch a business together with our vision of empowering mothers & children through positive reminders.

Back when I became pregnant with my first child, I was beyond terrified of giving birth. I was then introduced to the power of positive affirmations through Hypnobirthing, and it changed my life. I was no longer paralyzed by the fear of giving birth, and I actually began to look forward to it. The more I surrounded myself with positive words and imagery, the more confident I became throughout my pregnancy and birth. I’ve since then had two blissful natural births that were virtually painless! If affirmations were such a vital tool in the perception of pain, I wondered what other areas of my life affirmations could help in.

Eventually, I discovered why motherhood is one of the toughest things anyone can ever do. The pressures of everyday life leave many parents feeling guilty, plagued by a sense that we could do a better job if only we had a little more time, were a little less tired, or simply knew where to begin. I became overwhelmed with handling my toddler’s strong emotions, but I knew I had to learn how to deal with them in a compassionate way. I started studying conscious and peaceful parenting materials and applied certain quotes and teachings to my life. The words started becoming affirmations that I would write down, and they helped tremendously whenever I felt down or consumed by anxiety. My confidence and connection with my daughter was restored and I felt renewed and like the loving, joyous mother I was used to being. I no longer saw my toddler as giving me a hard time, I saw that she was HAVING a hard time and I was able to respond with love. Each time you reframe your mind through mantras and react differently than you did before, you rewire your brain. To me, this was like hypnobirthing, but for motherhood!

I wished I could somehow wear these affirmations for optimal success, that way they would be a constant reminder as I tend to forget otherwise. There was no product like this on the market, so I sought out to create my own.

That’s when the idea of our Oath Bracelets™ were born; being able to wear powerful affirmations that not only apply to birth, but to motherhood, to help give us tools for the tough times we inevitably all go through. Our Oath Bracelets are meant to serve as gentle reminders of our own strength and that we got this. 

What started off as a small project for my own motherhood journey transformed into a business with a mission to empower mothers through uplifting messages. We as mothers have a chance to make the world a better place by raising kind human beings. I hope our bracelets help you achieve inner peace and remind you that you’re already such an amazing mom. <3


About The Creators



Shveta is wife to Sameer (the CEO of Biostrap), and a homeschooling mama to Sareena & Shailey. She’s passionate about conscious parenting, hypnobirthing, child development, neuroscience and empowering mothers. She has been committed to living a natural & holistic lifestyle for over a decade. She adores spending time with her girls, and their favorite things to do are reading, cooking, exploring nature, shopping at the farmer's market, playing at the beach, and dancing.

Shveta firmly believes that children deserve nothing less than our continued awakening, and so she has vowed to take an everlasting journey to evolve and learn from her children. She currently holds a certificate in Conscious Parenting Mastery by the renowned Shefali Tsabury, is a Peaceful Parenting Expert graduate, and is also a certified brain trainer utilizing neurofeedback.


Rati is a single, work-from-home mother to her son Kiyaan and her fur babies Drogo and Snow. Her journey as a single mother began when she was 4 months pregnant. Rati quickly realized becoming a single mother was actually a blessing. She felt liberated from the facade that her life had temporarily become and was able to be true to herself.

The strength Rati has gained since becoming a mother is great enough to withstand any obstacle for the benefit of her sweet baby. As a lotus flower, Kiyaan and Rati have emerged from a calamitous situation and are blossoming into their pure and beautiful forms together. To celebrate this new life Rati tattooed an image of a mama and baby blooming in a lotus on her wrist. This became Sontakey’s logo as it represents how motherhood comes with struggles and challenges, but they all have the ability to emerge from the situation stronger than ever.

Kiyaan and Rati enjoy spending time out in nature with Drogo and Snow and learning about what Mother Earth provides us. They also love snuggling up for a good book and story time.